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One home and one child at a time.

Organizational Partners

SAHSAC is built upon a community of partnerships – each sharing the same vision to transform the lives of materially poor and vulnerable children around the world. Without these partnerships, our mission would not be possible.

SOZO GiftBox

Sozo Friends is a luxury gift box company that aims to cultivate a spirit of generosity by donating a portion of every sale to charitable causes.

Sozo believes in the power of core values that generate meaning in the workplace. Strong, compelling values hold great potential to build employee satisfaction, customer loyalty and generosity towards community causes.

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Forward Edge International partners with God to transform the lives of vulnerable children, disaster victims, and those who go to serve them.

Forward Edge accomplishes its mission by partnering with visionary leaders in the U.S. and around the world to conduct child-focused community development and phase II disaster response projects, and by mobilizing volunteers to support these projects.

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Members also receive various benefits, including merchandise, promotion from SAHSAC and FEI, and coaching tips from Realtors in the top 1% nationwide. You’ll also be eligible for customized luxury gift boxes you can give to clients as closing gifts.