As a member of Sell a Home, Save a Child, every home bought or sold with us helps support vulnerable children!

Help Us Make an Impact.


Meals and food packages served in 2021


Liters of safe drinking water distributed in 2021


Hours of education and tutoring provided in 2021


Countless children around the world are suffering from extreme poverty. We’re on a mission to change that. We support children’s programs in some of the world’s poorest communities, holistically fighting poverty through nutritious meals, safe drinking water, healthcare, and education in Cuba, Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Uganda.

Why we give internationally

While we fully believe in local charity, we realize the extraordinary power the American dollar has in developing countries across the world. When the average family in an impoverished country lives off $1 a day, you can count on your donation making a world of difference for them. Government support systems we take for granted in the U.S simply do not exist in the countries we serve, so without our programs these children would literally miss meals, school, and an opportunity for a better future. 


Since 2016, Sell a Home, Save a Child Members have raised over $2.6 million for children living in poverty.


By investing in children, we’re impacting the world today and building a brighter tomorrow. 100% of Sell a Home, Save a Child donations go to Forward Edge International, a highly accredited 501(c)(3) relief and development organization. 

My Story

Tarick Sanchez is a dedicated realtor with an incredible knowledge of real estate and sales. Tarick brings over a decade’s experience and a passion for real estate that has delivered remarkable results to his clients. In his career years, he has greatly succeeded in helping clients with difficult sales, purchases, and other property-related issues. Also, he has worked with numerous real estate clients, proffering them the best solutions to what they seek in the housing market, leaving them with a profound understanding of real estate. For Tarick, being a realtor is incredibly rewarding as it provides a life-time opportunity to guide people through one of life’s toughest decision-making stage. Tarick strives to make these clients reach their realty goals, as well as give them a better insight into the field that makes future transactions easier. He loves to bring out the value in every purchase and is delighted to provide solutions within his capabilities.

Giving back is a huge core value for Olive & Grey. We believe that our purpose while we are here on this Earth is to help others however we can. Sell a Home, Save a Child (SAHSAC) fits the bill perfectly in that not only are we helping to change the lives of others, but we are encouraging our clients to do the same. Our belief is that everyone deserves a place to call home and a family who loves them regardless of where and who you are.