To change the lives of children trapped in poverty around the world by providing things like health care, safe drinking water, nutritious meals, tutoring, mentorship, psychological support, and more.


Making a difference shouldn’t be out of reach for a busy professional. We know how busy your schedules are, and we want to help you make a meaningful impact while growing your business. Real Estate is the largest industry in the United States by GDP, which means we have the largest opportunity to make a difference. By investing in children, we’re impacting the world today and building a brighter tomorrow.


Sell a Home, Save a Child is a program through Forward Edge International, a 501(c)(3) serving children since 1983. As you make a difference for the 22,500+ people served through Forward Edge, you’ll find your life and your business impacted in the process as well.




Since personal income is regulated by the government and ranges from $20-$50 a month, most of the country suffers from extreme poverty. In keeping with its primary mission, Sell a Home, Save a Child sends teams to Cuba to focus primarily on supporting church-run children’s programs.

Additional ministry opportunities to children, their families, and communities include construction or renovation of church buildings, reconstruction of homes destroyed by Hurricane Matthew, relational evangelism, and training of Cuban pastors and church leaders.



Haiti is home to some of the most vulnerable children and families in the world. The devastation of Hurricane Matthew has made survival increasingly difficult for the 3,000 people that live here, and out of desperation, many parents have turned to the practice of restavek (giving their children away in a form of slavery). 

In early 2017, Forward Edge launched a new program in Les Cayes, Haiti’s southern region hit hardest by Hurricane Matthew. Through a partnership with one of Haiti’s most respected church leaders, Pastor Chavannes, and support from people like you, we’re able to help local churches and communities provide nutritious meals and spiritual discipleship to hundreds of suffering children. As the program grows, our vision is to expand our care to include safe drinking water, medical care, school tuition, and tutoring



Children in Kijabe, Kenya are living in some of the worst conditions on our planet. Many have been orphaned by AIDS and suffer from extreme malnutrition and preventable, water-borne illnesses.

Our program for children in Kijabe – Mama Beth’s – is named after a woman who cared for children in this area for decades. Through a partnership with Mama Beth’s daughter (Jane Wathagana), and help from people like you, we’re providing at-risk children with nutritious meals, safe drinking water, medical care, school tuition and emotional support.



Mexico’s southern state of Oaxaca is home to one of the largest concentrations of indigenous people groups in the world. It’s also one of the poorest regions in North America. Our program for children in Oaxaca is called Trigo y Miel, which means “Wheat and Honey” in Spanish. Through a partnership with local visionaries (Victor and Lety Velasco), and help from people like you, we’re providing at-risk children with nutritious meals, safe drinking water, medical care, tutoring, and emotional support. 



Imagine a child forced to grow up inside a garbage dump, exposed to extreme filth, severe malnutrition, and often, various forms of abuse. This was the reality for many girls in our residential children’s program in Managua, Nicaragua, VillaEsperanza (Hope Village). Before entering the Villa, these girls lived in a dangerous environment, where they were at risk of physical abuse, sex trafficking, rape, teen pregnancy and drug abuse. School was most often not an option, and any chance to have a healthy childhood was lost at a young age.

You can help provide these girls with nutritious meals, a home with a clean bed and clothes, a good education, safe drinking water, medical and psychological care, tutoring, vocational training and emotional support.

85 ¢

of every $1 received by Sell a Home, Save a Child goes directly to children in need.

100 %

of all membership fees and donations go straight to Forward Edge International, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.

Sell a Home, Save a Child is recognized by many charity-rating organizations as one worthy of the public’s trust.


Sell a Home, Save a Child (SAHSAC) began when two Realtors, Nick Shivers and Erik Hatch, decided to inspire their colleagues to be part of transforming the lives of vulnerable children. Nick and Erik had both been supporters of Forward Edge International (FEI), and after seeing firsthand on short-term mission trips the children and communities devastated by material poverty, they put their heads together and created, in partnership with FEI, Sell a Home, Save a Child (SAHSAC).


Forward Edge International partners with God to transform the lives of vulnerable children, disaster victims, and those who go to serve them. Forward Edge accomplishes its mission by partnering with visionary leaders in the U.S. and around the world to conduct child-focused community development and phase II disaster response projects, and by mobilizing volunteers to support these projects.